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Single-hung windows are often the standard window option used in newer home construction, apartment buildings and office spaces. Single-hung window consist of a bottom panel, or sash, that moves vertically, while the upper sash remains stationary. When opened, the bottom sash partially obstructs the upper sash. The bottom sash of a single hung window tilts in for easy cleaning.

Single hung windows have limitations. As only the lower sash opens, in a single-hung window, the window offers limited ventilation. In rooms that require more ventilation, i.e. bathrooms, there can be problems with odor control and higher moisture levels, which can result in mildew.

Single-hung windows are more difficult to clean. Because the top sash is not operable, cleaning of the upper half of the window can only be accomplished from outside the home. This can be an issue in homes with windows located further from ground level or on upper storeys. Single hung windows are more complicated to clean and may require homeowners to hire a professional window cleaning company to access upper sashes resulting in increased cleaning cost.

Double hung windows consist of two sashes within a frame. Both sashs of a double hung window are operable, meaning they move up and down independently. Double hung windows offer better air flow and ventilation.

Because each sash tilts in, cleaning is easier with double hung windows. Interior and exterior surfaces of the glass can be cleaned without using special equipment or hiring a professional cleaning company.

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