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Cross section of Superior Windows of Texas replacement window in the DFW metroplex

Superior Windows of Texas has the best replacement vinyl windows the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex and north Texas. There are many great reasons to choose vinyl windows over any other options available today.

Unlike their wood and aluminum counterparts, vinyl windows need virtually no maintenance. They will never rot or warp and they will never need to be repainted. Over time, they remain as beautiful and pristine as the day they were first installed, saving you time and money, now and in the future. And because Superior Windows of Texas windows are custom made to fit your space, you will never have to alter the look or structure of your home just to accommodate replacing your windows.

In addition, due to the temperature insulating quality of vinyl itself, our windows will help to greatly reduce your energy costs and keep your home comfortable in the dead of winter and the heat of summer. Take a look at our Energy Efficiency page for more information on the ways vinyl windows can help save you money.

Superior Windows of Texas, strives to provide our customers with the best options and the best value in replacement window and door products. Call today to learn more reasons why we are the leaders in service and provide the best selection of vinyl windows DFW and north Texas have to offer.

Comparison of Superior Windows of Texas Vinyl Windows to Wood Windows and Aluminum Windows

Superior Windows of Texas Windows

  • Maintenance-free, never requires painting, sanding or refinishing
  • Solid virgin vinyl construction provides long-lasting beauty and structural integrity
  • Moisture resistant, won’t rot, swell or warp
  • Custom-made to fit exact openings in your home, available in a wide-variety of styles, options and colors
  • Impervious to insects
  • Easy-to-operate with state-of-the-art balance system
  • Frames and sashes are fully fusion-welded for strength and energy-efficiency and prevent air and water infiltration

Wood Windows

  • Require finishing and preservative treatment, which can fade and peel, requiring periodic maintenance
  • Subject to swelling, warping, twisting, shrinking over time, requiring maintenance or repair
  • Absorbs moisture, causing rot and deterioration over time, requiring maintenance or replacement
  • Normally offered in stock sizes, which may require alterations to the window openings in your home
  • Subject to insect damage
  • Paint buildup on windows, along with swelling and bowing may cause sashes to bind and stick causing difficult operation
  • Mechanically (screwed) or chemically (glued) fastened, making them prone to air and water infiltration

Aluminum Windows

  • Color is sprayed on, which will scratch, flake and peel, requiring painting or touch-up
  • Subject to impact damage, denting and scratching
  • Corrode in moist air from pollution and airborne chemicals
  • Readily conducts heat and cold
  • Supports condensation and can frost in winter
  • Subject to abrasion and corrosion, reducing ease of operation, causing binding and sticking
  • Mechanically (screwed) or chemically (glued) fastened, making them prone to air and water infiltration